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“School Food” - 2 words which evoke strong emotions. It does not have to be so complicated - food should be fun, kids should feel appreciated, parents should have a voice, and all involved in the execution of the meals should feel inspired as an integral part of the solution. What all this boils down to is… FOOD IS ABOUT CARING!

I’m not trying to fix a system – I’m trying to simply share my passion. Focusing on the positives of what can be & what should be charts a refreshing path. A path that in its own way will hopefully touch people and be a catalyst for a new perspective and approach to caring.

My personal goal, simply stated is to inspire & teach people (especially kids) a connection to their food, environment & wellness. There is an energizing opportunity for all of us to make a long-term impact in the community.

Current school programs:

ATE is an active leader in the community and is working to forge impactful relationships within the Springfield/Nixa Missouri school districts.

  • GROW Healthy Grant Project - Proud to be part of something so important, impactful & special. ATE has partnered with the wonderful team at Ozarks Public Health Institute-Missouri State University on GROW Healthy: Childhood Obesity Intervention Program in Stone and Taney counties during a two year grant period. One of the goals of GROW Healthy is to encourage healthy eating and proper nutrition to kids in engaging and fun ways, as part of a healthy lifestyle. Using a Chef to School model, chefs will work with schools to increase awareness about healthy foods. ATE will be conducting culinary demos at the Boys/Girls Club, implementing chef to school programs with students in grades three to five in two schools (one in Stone County and one in Taney County), develop district wide parent/student events, conduct student focused food celebrations and be part of the OPHI-MSU team collaboratively hosting an obesity workshop this October - to train approximately 70 school food service personnel, dietitians, culinary arts students, hotel/restaurant managers and local chefs.
  • Pleasant View Elementary – Farmer Curtis Millsap and ATE had created a greenhouse/culinary program where kindergarten, 1st and 5th grade students learn (hands on) to compost, grow, tend to and harvest their own crops; then learn the food culture/history and how to apply the culinary arts in the kitchen classroom preparing & enjoying their harvest.
  • Goddard Pre-School – ATE built a sensory garden of raised beds & pocket gardens of veggies, herbs, flowers to teach the pre-schoolers an appreciation for nature, where their food comes from and to have fun in the garden.
  • Nixa School District – ATE is actively teaching students a connection to their food, environment & wellness in the classrooms, school cafeteria, after school programs & via community events.
  • SHAC - ATE is an active member of the School Health Advisory Council for the Nixa school district; promoting wellness in the community.
  • Executive Chef of Wellness - Chef Corliss serves as the Executive Chef of Wellness (volunteer role) for the Nixa School District; working directly with the schools, OPAA (foodservice provider), the lunch cooks and community.
  • SUAC D.I.R.T. Project – ATE wrote the culinary experience educational aspects for this Springfield public schools garden curriculum project, starting in 10 schools. The culinary dovetails with the science based garden curriculum & teaching written by the teachers.
  • SUAC – Chef Corliss served on the board of SUAC (Springfield Urban Agriculture Coalition).

Contact ATE to have a conversation and learn how we may join passions; crafting a partnership that raises the bar.

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